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James Horner: TITANIC (film) - SZIRT Ensemble


Littner György:
The Last Supper
"LILAKÖD" Literary Café


Settlement of Hungary
Night of La Mancha
If I were a rich man

AndrássyDuo: Christmas

the Miracle of Betlehem

SZIRT Ensemble in HírTV

(30th of January 2010)


AndrássyDuo 5. CD

Tokody Ilona
Bazsinka Zsuzsanna
Wiedemann Bernadett
Muskát András
Rácz István


Cliff Ensemble on TV
13th of December 2008. 22:15
Budapest TV
"Spend the night with us!"
Special guest:
Cliff Ensemble
Have a look at it online!

Listen to it!
8th of April 2008. 14:05
Talking with Frigyes Andrássy
on Radio Kossuth
Listen to it!



The Ensemble "SZIRT" which means in english "cliff" was established in 2005 in cooperation of artists of the Hungarian State Operahouse Frigyes Andrássy, Krisztina Andrássy and Jolán Sánta as charter members.

Our ambition is - besides to perform world-famous songs, operaarias, parts of musicals, operettas, oratoriums - that to show a new music style:

Frigyes and Krisztina Andrássy as composers (named as AndrássyDuo) put poems of FAMOUS HUNGARIAN POETS to music as songs, duetts, chamber music and oratorical compositions.

"The nation lives in its language!" The main target of our ensemble is to pass these poems both in rhyme and music to many people inside and beyond our country. This is a NEW WAY to perform poems by music from the classical music site, but in a NICE, HARMONIC mood. It could help to young people in their studies of poetry and music also.
In this year of 2012 Frigyes Andrassy has written a new drama of the Hungarian Revolution 1956, wich contains many nice new songs by AndrássyDuo. The text of these songs are the assorted poems of László Dezső Szabó poet.

Anywhere the ensemble has concerts - in concert halls of Budapest or in country side - people are marvelingly listen the union of poets and new composers of their mother country and they feel in their hearts what the most important in life:


Our poets: Endre Ady, János Arany, Lajos Áprily, Mihály Babits, József Eötvös, Attila József, Sándor Petőfi, Miklós Radnóti, Árpád Tóth, Zseni Várnai, Mihály Vörösmarty,
and Kelemen Alexandriai, Katalin Dánandrássy, János Kájoni, Tibor Sándor Nagy, László Dezső Szabó.

SZIRT Ensemble - Classicals Lightly

The SZIRT Ensemble orchestra formation established in June 2009.

there are 2 front people: Jolán Sánta and Frigyes Andrássy - singers,
Krisztina Andrássy
- singer and vocal (and in the orchestra - piano and bassguitar)
which contain new and original accompanyment and put closer the classical music to the audience with
digital, acustic instruments and percussions:

Andrea Lengyel - digital piano
She plays various instruments
(for example trompete,
orchestral harp, cello)

Sándor Godán - percussions
Drum set, vibraphone, marimba, tubular bells, tambourin, claves...
and he plays recorder if its necessary!
Krisztina Andrássy - piano
In general she plays the piano accompaniments, but sometimes she picks up the bassguitar, or sings solo.

Béla Nagy - violin
he plays beautifully on his instrument, which makes more coloured out band.

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